The process used to create a custom Miniature You™ is very unique. Let's take a look at how "you" are made.

Our goal to create a wildly diverse range of miniatures to appeal to every gamer and personal preference. No one should feel left out of the fun!
— Mike Elices, Minuteman Miniatures

Step 1 - 3d Scanning

The first step in our process is a live 3D scan. This scan is done in-person at one of our scanning events. There are two types of scans - facial scans and full-body scans. Facial scans are our most popular option, as the process is fast and free, and allow us to create a Miniature You™ using our range of pre-sculpted bodies. At larger conventions we also offer full-body scanning, which utilizes a medical grade scanner to capture the 3D geometry of your entire body. This can be used to create a sort of "selfie" miniature that is extremely accurate - a great choice cosplayers to make personalized characters for board games or novelty figurines.

The facial scan takes 90 seconds to complete. The process is simple: take a seat and our operator will walk around you, collecting data using a handheld 3D scanner. You will need to stay still during this process to maximize the accuracy of our scan. After this is finished, the real fun begins.


Step 2 - Choose a Body

After the scan is complete, you'll be ready to choose the body that we will use to construct your miniature. Our range is expanding quickly with monthly themed releases. Our goal is to have something that can work for everyone, from Historical Wargamers wanting to release their inner Napoleon at Waterloo, to Roleplayers looking to create a character that is truly reflects the player.

We have both Male and Female bodies currently available. We have over 50 different pre-sculpted bodies available, and we have no plans to stop there- we're just getting started.

digital sculpting.png

Step 3 - Digital Sculpting

After we have your 3D facial scan and your new body (or bodies!) are chosen, we will get to work resculpting your miniature. Although most gamers opt for the industry standard of 28mm, our miniatures can be manufactured in multiple scales, from 20mm to a massive 120mm in height! Each head is resculpted by hand, adding extra detail to make the model more enjoyable to paint.

Extra features can be added, such as scars, facial hair, horns, and more. Our goal is that you are completely happy with your personalized Miniature You™.


Step 4 - Delivery

Creating a Miniature You™ takes time. Each one of our miniatures is individually sculpted, printed in small batches, and hand finished prior to shipping. Our current delivery time is 8-10 weeks due to the sheer volume of orders and requests.

We are continuously expanding our production capabilities and scaling up to meet the high demand for our products- in the past four months, we have quintupled our production capacity. We are very proud that our product is entirely Made in America, and we are committed to training and employing local students and artists as we continue to expand.