Here's an interactive preview from our various miniature ranges. You can view a sample model 360° below! 

wave 1 : historical wargaming

Our first wave of miniatures, designed to cover the most popular Historical periods. This wave consists of a Greek General, Roman General, Napoleonic French Colonel, WW2 American Captain, and a WW2 German Officer.

wave 2: The Dark Ages

Our second wave of miniatures takes us into the Dark Ages. This wave consists of a Mounted Norman Knight, Scottish Warrior in Chainmail, Scottish Warrior in Scale Mail, and a Viking Warlord

wave 3: sci-fi characters

Our third wave consists of three Sci-Fi miniatures that would work well in several different gaming systems. This wave consists of a Imperial Legionnaire, Corrupted Legionnaire, and our customizable male and female Space Ronin.

wave 4: Brother against brother

Our fourth wave consists of five models with multiple variants covering the American Revolutionary War and American Civil War. This wave consists of a Union General, Confederate General, Joshua Chamberlain, Lewis Armistead, and a Continental Army Officer.

wave 5: Twenty d20 adventurers

Our latest and largest wave, released at GEN CON. It is a diverse range of twenty-two roleplaying adventurers covering nearly every major class, each with both Male and Female sculpts.